TOTO Washlet TCF490A/TCF491A


TOTO Washlet TCF490A/TCF491A
Function & Features

Rear Cleansing Washes the rear portion of the body
Front Cleansing Front wash for ladies
Water pressure adjustment The water pressure can be adjusted to soft or strong
Oscillate The wand moves back and forth for a wide-range and thorough wash
Heated toilet seat Warms the toilet seat
Warm air drying Dries wet portions with warm air
Temperature adjustment Adjusts the temperature of the water, toilet seat and warm air dryer
Remote controller Allows for easy operation while on the toilet seat
Seat sensor The sensor detects when someone sits on the toilet seat
Soft Close Gently lowers the toilet seat and lid
Energy Saving Timer Conserve energy by pre-setting the timer to turn off the toilet seat and water heater for the same time period each day. (Can be set for 3, 6 or 9 hour periods of time)
Power OFF Turn the button to the OFF position to stop warming the toilet seat and conserve energy
Removable toilet seat and lid The toilet seat and lid can be removed for easy cleaning
One-touch removal of the Main Unit The main unit can be removed with a simple ‘one-touch’ mechanism for easy and thorough cleaning
Anti-bacterial feature The toilet seat and buttons have been treated with an Anti-bacterial finish
Self Cleaning The wand tip is automatically washed before and after each use
Wand Cleaning The wand can be extended without spraying water for easier cleaning

Cheap and good bidet


AC 220V, 50/60Hz
Power Usage
410 W
Average Power Consumption per Hour
33 Wh
Cord Length
Wand Flow Rate
Approx. 290 ~ 550 mL/min
Approx. 275 ~ 550 mL/min
Water Temp
Approx. 30 ~40º C
Heater Power Consumption
240 W
Temperature fuse, temperature regulator, float switch (prevent boil)
Backflow Prevention
Vacuum breaker, back flow stop valve
Approx. 40 ~ 60º C
Air Volume
0.26 m³/min
Heater power
350 W
Temperature fuse
Heated Seat
Approx. 30 ~ 40º C
Heater Power
51 W
Temperature fuse
Water supply pressure
Min. Required:  0.05 Mpa       Max.: 0.75 Mpa
Water supply temperature
0 ~ 35º C
Ambient temperature
0 ~ 40º C
Product dimensions
TCF490A (Round)
W: 370, D: 497, H: 170mm
TCF491A (Elongated)
W: 370, D: 527, H: 170mm
Total product weight
TCF490A (Round)
4.4 kg
TCF491A (Elongated)
4.4 kg

Cheap and good bidet

Specifications of actual product may be different from above

Cheap and good bidet

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