Aisin Bidet NC-300W

Aisin is a member of Toyota Group in Japan. It has 30 years history in producing bidets. Designed and made in Japan with excellent product quality, the Aisin New Cheers bidet always deliver satisfactory results. It is built with advanced functions for excellent usability and superb hygiene. Available in both electric and non-electric operated models. They both look identical.

Aisin NC-300w Heated

Aisin nc300w Power saving

Aisin New Cheers bidet NC-300W-AS is electric operated model comes with warm water and warm seat features with temperature control function. Some of the standard features and functions of the Aisin New Cheers shower toilet seat NC-300W are:

  • posterior wash
  • feminine wash
  • variable spray angle
  • auto nozzle cleaning
  • soft-close seat and lid
  • made of antimicrobial resin
  • easy installation
  • easy release of main unit for cleaning
  • detachable lid
  • detachable nozzle for easy cleaning

Clean and affordable bidet in Singapore. thus Aisin bidet nc 300w. since Aisin bidet nc 300w. and Aisin bidet nc 300w. thus and. however. in addition.

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Clean and affordable bidet in Singapore. thus Aisin bidet nc 300w. since Aisin bidet nc 300w. and Aisin bidet nc 300w. as. and. however.

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Aisin Bidet nc 300w

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