Toilet Compatibility

One of the important considerations for installing a bidet seat is availability of water supply point nearby the toilet bowl. It will be sufficient if the water outlet for supplying water to the toilet cistern is available.
Water Point_s
Before buying a bidet seat, apart from the functions and features it is important to make sure it is able to fit your existing toilet system. Certain designs of toilet bowl are not compatible with bidet seat. Below shows two toilet bowl designs that are NOT compatible with bidet seat.
For bidet seat to firmly installed on toilet system, the bowl surface must be level and no obstruction between the tank and bowl connection. Below shows the typical toilet system that is suitable for installation.
Good_match_WC copy

Other than making sure the shape of existing toilet system is suitable as described above, it is also important to make sure the dimensions of the bidet attachment able to fit the toilet bowl. Do take note that there are many brands of toilet system in the market. There are many models under each brand and they all have different dimensions.

Please visit the web page Important Dimensions in this site for more information about our bidet dimensions.