FAQ about Bidet

Here you can find the FAQ about Bidet! If you have any other questions that is not answered here, feel free to contact us:

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FAQ about Bidet

What is a Bidet?

Bidet is a device that is used for washing one’s genital and anal area. You may remember it to be a separate water closet all together that has washing function. Nowadays, bidet comes with the toilet seat itself. You may have seen it in Japan or Korea or even Indonesia where there is a panel at the side of the toilet seat or even a remote. The bidet seat has washing functions that help cleanse your gentials and anal area. It is similar to a bidet spray but it is more convenient and neater!
For more information go here: http://idealm1.com/aboutbidet/

Do I have to change my existing WC?

No you don’t. Bidet can be installed onto your existing WC. Some bidet can be installed even without replacing your toilet seat!

Can I install the bidet myself? If so, are the installation accessories provided?

Yes you can! It is simple enough for you to install the bidet yourself, in fact a lot of our customers choose to install themselves. All the necessary parts and accessories will be included. But if you do not want to, we provide installation services as well.

What’s the difference between Posterior and Feminine Wash? 

Posterior wash is for the washing of the anal area, the spray design is generally more aggressive but do not worry it is not painful. Feminine wash is for the cleansing of the feminine area, the spray is more gentle.

What if my toilet bowl is square shaped or has uneven surface?

No worries! We have a bidet attachment set that doesn’t require you to change your toilet seat. This attachment bidet works for most of the odd shaped toilet bowl!
Here is the attachment bidet:  Ideal Bidet IB-100

Alternatively, you can send us pictures of your toilet bowl and we will consult our technician to see how which model would be most suitable if possible.

How do I clean the bidet?

Most of our bidet seats have one button slide out function for easy access to clean, you can also spray water directly on it as long as it’s not an electric model.

Are the nozzles sticking out all the time? 

No. The nozzles are hidden until you activate them using buttons or lever or knob. (depending on the model of your bidet) This is to ensure that the nozzles are kept clean and to avoid contamination. When activated, the nozzle will clean itself before operation as well!