Ease Pain From Piles/ Hemorrhoids

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1. The name Bidet – how did the name “bidet” derived? The usage and trend.
2. Hemorrhoids or Piles – what is hemorrhoids, 3 stages, the causes, and hemorrhoids relief.
3. Colon Cleansing using enema enabled bidet seat.

The name – Bidet

Bidet is a French word for pony. It derived from the fact that one looks like riding on a pony when sitting on a bidet.Bidet was an invention of French early 18th century. In 1960 the electronic bidet seat (an attachment) which attached on existing toilet system was introduced. It is ideal for bathrooms that is lack of space for a separate bidet and toilet arrangement.

Bidet’s Usage
Bidets are principally used to wash and clean the external genitalia and the anus, as well as the skin near these areas.People who are unfamiliar with bidets sometimes confuse a bidet with a urinal. To use the bidet, the users should sit on the bidet facing the tap and nozzle.
With more innovations took place the bidet attachments are available. They are attached to existing toilet. Some bidet attachments have two nozzles, the shorter one, called the family nozzle, is used for washing the area around the anus, and the longer one called bidet nozzle is designed for women to wash their vulvas. There are wide range of bidet attachment available in the market. Some bidet attachment are electrically operated which provide heated water, warm seat and warm air. Others are non-electrical bidet attachements which provide washing using water at ambiance temperature.
Although using a bidet may include touching the genitalia and the anus with the hands after using the toilet, it can be more hygienic than toilet paper. In fact, most people with bidets do wipe with toilet paper after washing with the bidet.
Bidets are very useful for the elderly or people with mobility problems and people with hemorrhoids problem.

The Trend
Bidets are common bathroom fixtures in some European countries, Latin America, the Middle East and some parts of Asia. In Japan and throughout the Middle East bidets are so common that they are often present in public toilet facilities.
In 1980 the first “paperless toilet” was introduced in Japan. It has the function of toilet and bidet which also dries the user after washing. It is a multifunction toilet seat and is very popular there. Approximately 60% of households have it installed at their toilet at home. They are commonly found in hotels and even some public facilities. These bidet are sold in many countries including the United States.


Many people suffer various stage of hemorrhoids. The information in here is meant to provide you an idea what hemorrhoid is, what the possible causes and how to relief the pain associated with hemorrhoids disease. With that we hope to help people take the right precaution to avoid this problem. Readers who have or suspected to have hemorrhoids must consult the doctor for the right way to treat the problem.
Hemorrhoids or piles are vascular cushions that are found in the anus and lower rectum of our body. Their primary function is to control our bowel movement. When these cushions swell or bleed which is caused by excessive strain at around the internal rectum when passing stools, they cause pain and discomfort.
If you find blood stain in the stools, there is a possibility that you have hemorrhoids problem. The other symptoms are lumps found hanging out side the anus area during bowel movement and pain at around the anus area. When above symptoms are observed, you must visit a qualified doctor to check it out.
Basically hemorrhoids or piles are classified into internal hemorrhoids and external hemorrhoids. Internal hemorrhoid is hemorrhoid infects the internal area of rectum. For treatment purpose hemorrhoids are divided into 3 stages:
First stage – bleeding from internal hemorrhoids. There is no sign of prolapsed.
Second stage – internal hemorrhoids prolapsed during bowel movement but they reduced almost immediately.
Third stage – at this stage the piles permanently prolapsed.
The first and second stages of hemorrhoids are able to be treated without surgery. Thus it is important for a person who suffers hemorrhoids problem to take immediately actions to seek for treatment before it is developed into third stage when surgery is usually needed.
Although hemorrhoids may not be life threatening at early stages, it does cause other problems, loss of blood, discomforts and may lead to depression. There are also suggestions that it may lead to colorectal cancer and other more serious diseases.

The Causes
There are several causes for hemorrhoids. One of them is not giving enough time for passing the motion. When rushing through the process, one usually exerts excessive pressure on the intestine at around the lower rectum area and causes damage to the veins and tissues there. If veins are ruptured then blood clot may happened at round the lower rectum area and result in swelling.
If you frequently have constipation problem, you must go seek treatment from qualified doctor. This is because constipation is one of the main causes for hemorrhoids as it requires great pressure at the rectum to push out the stools. As mentioned earlier by exerting excessive pressure at the bowel might, it leads to hemorrhoid problem.
On the other hand chronic diarrhea could also cause hemorrhoids problem although it associate with soften stools.
Insufficient in take of liquid is the other common cause. Without proper hydration will result in hard and dry stools which again require great pressure for the bowel movement. If such habit is not corrected for period of time hemorrhoid problem may occur.
Our body system needs adequate amount of fiber to function efficiently. Insufficient in take of fiber will result in hard and dry stools thus increase the chances of getting hemorrhoid problem.
Pregnancy is another main cause for hemorrhoids as excessive pressure is exerted at the anal during delivery.

Hemorrhoids Relief
Below recommends a few ways to help one to relief discomfort and pain from hemorrhoids. However you must seek immediate treatment from qualified doctor if suffering from hemorrhoid,.
·Immerse the affected area in warm water for 15 minutes. Do it for 2 to 3 times a day. This will help to reduce the swelling.
·Keep the affected area clean and dry at all times
·Avoid rubbing the affected area after bowel movement. Use water for cleansing. One way is to use auto-spray toilet seat (some call it bidet seat) which provide effective and comfortable wash at the anus area.
·Drink a lot of water (more than 7 glasses). This helps to reduce your internal body heat.
·Avoid sitting for long time which exerts a lot of pressure on the hemorrhoid.
·Avoid holding on to nature call for too long. It puts a lots of strain at the rectal area in order to hold the stools in your bowel. This affects the proper functioning of the colon.
·Sit on cushion. Sitting on hard surface causes more pressure on the hemorrhoids and may worsen the swelling thus result in more painful at around the anus area.
·In take sufficient amount of fibrous food such as vegetable and fruits which help to soften the stools thus makes bowel movement easier. It is more effective to take wide variety of vegetables and fruits compare to only just same few choices.
·Avoid exerting excessive pressure at around the lower rectum area. If you have constipation problem which usually requires extra pressure at your rectal to pass the motion. You may consider changing the toilet seat to one that can deliver enema function which basically inserts water into the rectum to soften the stools and at the same time lubricate the side wall at the rectal area. The result is that you will be able to push out the stools easier without exerting excessive pressure.

Colon Cleansing Using Enema Enabled Bidet Seat

Thanks to innovation colon cleansing can be carried out comfortably and conveniently by seating on a bidet seat that delivers enema function in the toilet. The conventional methods of colon cleansing include making use disposable enema or colonic procedure or by in take of herbs and medicine.

Both disposable enema and colonic procedure require inserting a tub into the rectum follow by injecting liquid in there. They are carried out with the user lying side way. The user is required to hold the liquid in the rectum for about 3 minutes before moving slowing to the toilet for releasing it along with the waste and feces from the rectum.

It is believed that colon cleansing helps detoxicate our body system. Our colon has a function to eliminate waste from our body. A clean colon ensure regular elimination of waste and helps effective processing of vitamins and minerals from the food that we eat.

The enema enabled bidet seat has a design that is capable of delivering enema conveniently in the toilet. The user seats on the bidet seat just the usual way. Just select Enema function on the control panel on the right side of the bidet seat. A nozzle that is specially designed for enema function will slowly extend to a position just underneath the anus. Aerated water will then eject from the tip of the nozzle onto the anus area. The user will need to make slight adjustment of the seating position so that the water is injected into the lower rectum. Turn off the water injection when lower rectum is filled with water by selecting stop position on the control panel. Hold the water in the rectum for about 30 seconds then apply some pressure at the lower rectum to push it out. Waste and feces are cleared along with the water. Give it about 2 minutes for all waste to slowly clear out.

The enema function from the enema enabled bidet seat is also very useful in helping occasional constipation problem. The water helps to soften the stools and lubricates the wall at the rectal area. It helps the user to have a smoother bowel movement. Compare to the disposable enema kit which require the user to insert a tub into the rectum, the enema enabled bidet seat is more comfortable and convenient to use. It is safe as it doesn’t require inserting tub into rectum and water is used instead of lubricating liquid. However people with chronic constipation problem must seek treatment from a qualified doctor.