Izen IB-7500 / 7500R

Izen IB-7500 / 7500RIzen IB-7500 / 7500R bidet are from the Korean Brand, Izen. They both are intelligent bidet that provide complete range of features and functions for a modern bidet. They require electrical power to operate. The only difference between the two is that the 7500R does not have a side panel control. Instead the control is done with a separate remote.

One unique function of Izen IB-7500 / 7500R bidet is that they are able to deliver “enema function” which helps to ease constipation problem and achieve colon cleansing without discomfort.

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Enema Function

Izen IB-7500 / 7500R enemaThe special design nozzle for “enema function” spray the aerated water into the rectum. The water helps to soften the stools and lubricates the wall at the reactal area. It helps the user to have a smoother bower movement.

Feminine Wash(Bidet)

FeminineNozzleA bidet nozzle that has 10 small holes specially designed to deliver softer water spray for comfortable wash every time.

Posterior Wash (Shower)

PosteriorNozzleA nozzle that has 3 small holes that spray warm aerated water designed to ensure effective cleansing without sacrificing comfort.

Nozzle Self-cleaning

Izen IB-7500 / 7500R SelfCleaningThe nozzle cleans itself automatically every after and before use.


RythmWhile washing the nozzle moves forward and backward automatically to achieve thorough cleaning.

Adjustable Nozzle Position

Izen IB-7500 / 7500R RythmNozzle position can be adjusted forward and backward at 5 levels to suit the user’s preference.

Rhythm Wash

MassageIt also has a massage effect which works as a suitable stimulus for improving the blood circulation or hemorrhoids. In addition the count of rhythm can be adjusted by user’s preference.

Intelligent Power Saving

Izen IB-7500 / 7500R IntelligentPowrSavgThis intelligent power saving system achieves power saving by controlling the system setting based on past setting by the users.

Heated Toilet Seat

HeatedSeatThe toilet seat remains heated to a constant temperature to ensure comfort at all times when using the toilet. Temperature can be adjusted in 4 steps according to the user’s preference.

Warm Dryer

Izen IB-7500 / 7500R WarmAirThis function dries the dampened parts using warm air. The strength of dryer can be adjusted.

Toilet Lid and Toilet Seat Soft Close

SoftCloseWhen lowering the toilet lid and toilet seat this function slow down the downward motion to achieve soft landed thus prolong the lifespan of the bidet seat.

Low Noise Water Pump

PumpEnsure effective cleansing even in low water pressure area.

Occupied Seat Sensor

SensorThe bidet seat only works when it is occupied. This prevent the spray being activated accidentally or aimlessly by children.

Easy Removal for Cleaning

EasyRemovalThe bidet seat can be easily slided out for cleaning maintenance.

7-years Odor Nutralizer (Deodorizer)

deodorizerAutomatically starts operating when the bidet seat is occupied and stops automatically one minute after it is vaccant. The performance keeps long lasting for 7 years by the Catalyst and Charcoal Combination Honeycomb Cartridge. (Available for IB-7500 model only)



Below is the specification for the Izen IB-7500 / 7500R bidets for your convenience.

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 Specification IB-7300 IB-7500        IB-7500R      
 Power Rating    AC 220 ~ 240V   50 ~ 60Hz   660W
 Water inlet type Type    Direct inlet flow type
 Water inlet pressure    0.4 ~ 7.5 kg/cm2 (5.69psi ~ 106.7psi)
  Power cord    1.8m   (5.85 feet)
 Wash Device  Posterior Wash    Max. 1.2 litre / min (Max. 0.32 GPM)
 Feminine Wash    Max. 1.2 litre / min (Max. 0.32 GPM)
 Water Pressure Adjustable    5 Steps
 Warm Water Temperature    Room Temp ~ 40oC (Room Temp. ~ 104 oF)
 Heater    600 W
 Safety Devices    Thermal fuse, Termal switch, Float switch
 Heated Seat  Temperature    Room Temp ~ 42oC (Room Temp. ~ 107.6 oF)
 Heater    55 W
 Safety Devices    Thermal fuse
 Warm Air Dryer
 Adjustable Dry Temperature (Room Temp. ~ 45oC)  √   √   √
 Heater (250W)
 Safety Device (Themal fuse, bimetal)
  Enema Function (Strong Wash)   √   √   √
  Deordorizer  –   √   √
  Remote Control  –  –   √
  Inlet Water Temperature    3oC ~ 35oC (37.4oF ~ 95oF)
  Ambient Temperature    3oC ~ 40oC (37.4oF ~ 104oF)
  Dimension    W: 495mm(19.4 inch)
L:  493mm(19.4 inch)
H: 185mm(7.28 inch)
 W: 475mm(18.7 inch)
L:  493mm(19.4 inch)
H: 185mm(7.28 inch)
  Weight (kg, Ibs)  5.3Kg (11.6 lbs)  5.4Kg (22.9 lbs)  5.4Kg (22.9 lbs)