Izen Bidet IB-3000 (Out of Stock)

IZEN Bidet IB-300IZEN Bidet IB-3000 is non-electric operated intelligent bidet seat. It is 100% made in Korea. It has the patented nozzle design which enable it to delivery Enema function. It is built with many advance functions to meet different toilet hygiene needs. The product comes with elegant toilet seat and lid that have soft-close function. It can be easily installed on most of the existing toilet system without major plumbing works. All accessories needed for installation and detail installation instruction are provided in the box together with the main unit.

Here are the key functions and feature of IZEN bidet IB-3000:

  • Posterior wash
  • Feminine wash
  • Enema function
  • Canister to contain medical solution for feminine wash
  • Water temperature control
  • Nozzle self-cleaning
  • Soft-close seat and lid

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Characteristics of IZEN 3000

EnemaNozzle_230wWith the Centralised retary bubble water streams which was developed for the first time in the world, you can effectively treated constipation, feces stayed long in the intestines and hemorrhoids by completely removing excrement remaining in the rectum.
Use IZEN 3000 bidet seat. You can have a special experience which you cannot have with normal bidet.

Below provide details of the key functions and features of IZEN Bidet IB-3000:

Bidet Cleansing

FeminineNozzle_140wThis is an original function of bidet for women and by using bidet cleansing, you can maintain cleanliness with tender water streams for preventing women’s diseases and improve your health. When not in use, the nozzle is hidden in the console to maintain high standard of cleanliness. It also has self-cleaning function which rinses the nozzle each time after used.

Anal Cleansing (enema function)

PosteriorNozzle_140wThis special designed nozzle enables the water stream to enter the rectum area to soften the feces. It helps people who have constipation problem. For people who have no constipation problem, it helps you to maintain very good toilet hygiene. When not in use, the nozzle is hidden in the console to maintain high standard of cleanliness.

Water Temperature Control

WaterTempControl_140wIZEN Bidet IB-3000 is designed to provide hot and cold water mix in accordance to the user’s desire. The control level allow the user to mix hot and cold water supply so as to get to the right temperature to achieve comfortable cleansing.

Soft-Close Seat and Lid

SoftClose_140wThis function allows the seat and lid to close slowly and softly. Just give them a push and walk way, they will close without slamming on the toilet bowl. It is stylish and helps to prolong the lifespan of the bidet seat.

Nozzle Self Cleaning

NozzleSelfcleaning_140wIZEN bidet IB-3000 is designed to achieve highest level of toilet hygiene. By pushing the nozzle self cleaning button with the nozzle in the home position, there will be water stream spraying on the nozzle to keep it clean.

Medication Solution Dispenser

medicalBottle_140wBy pressing the button on the canister, the solution will be dispensed through the feminine wash nozzle mixing with water. This is another brilliant function from IZEN bidet seat IB-3000.

Technical Data

(Dimension in Millimetres)
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