Coway BA12

Coway BA12 View2_220htCoway BA12 bidet seat is made by refined sense of oriental with various advance functions. The Coway BA12 is equipped with twin nozzle , air plus water spray function, MF water filter and jog-dial controller.

The Air plus water spray function let you have strong but comfortable cleansing by easy operation on the jog-dial controller. The MF water filter and twin nozzle with nozzle self cleaning function make the bidet a more hygienic bidet seat you can rely on.

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Key functions and features of Coway BA12 bidet seat:

3-Stage Controller
Coway Ba12 3stage controller copy

Air+ Water Spray Function
 Air+ with description 363pix

Twin Nozzle
Coway BA12 twinNozzle with descriptn 363pix

MF Water Filter
 MF filter with descriptn 332pix

Jog-dial Controller
The modern design jog-dial controller let you control the water pressure of both feminine and posterior cleansing and activation of nozzle cleaning function. All in one dial!Coway BA12 _JogDialControl

Soft Close Seat And Lid
 Soft closing 200pixThe Coway BA12 Bidet seat has a hydraulic damper which ensure its seat and lid close softly so it is noise free and safer.

Technical Data

Below is the exact dimensions for the BA12 and also the specs for your convenience.

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(Dimension in Millimetres)