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Welcome to Ideal Merchandise!

Ideal Merchandise Pte Ltd is your bidet one stop shop for what you need! We carry a wide range of products for you to choose! From attachment bidets to the top-end electric operated integrated bidet (TOTO Neorest, Geberit Aquaclean), and even portable bidet. We have brands from Korea and Japan, all of our products are made in Japan, Germany or Korea. Brands such as AISIN, COWAY, TOTO, IZEN and Geberit AquaClean. Our bidet seats are of various sizes, shapes and size to fit your existing toilet bowl.

Our bidet seat can be added on to your toilet bowl like replacing the toilet seat except that it has added water spray (water jet) feature which delivers nice and comfortable wash for the user. Various models also have their unique water spray design. Most of them have aerated water jet design so as to achieve comfortable yet effective washing.

If you are considering having a bidet seat and changing the toilet bowl as well, we have nicely matched Water Closet + Bidet packages for you. The packages range from simple basic models to luxurious elegant models.

To learn more about what a bidet is and its’ benefits, click here!

If you need any recommendations or have an questions regarding bidet seats, feel free to call us at
+65 62979829 !

If you want to see our products, come down and visit us at
BLK808 French Rd, #02-21 S200808

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